Temporary placement of PR, marketing and communication professionals.

Production and project management for creative content & campaigns.

Umlaut connects and offers solutions.
Tailored to your needs.
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The best (wo)men for the job

Umlaut offers temporary senior professionals in the field of Marketing Communication and Public Relations.

With our handpicked pool of independent professionals, we offer the best (wo)men for the job, for every need. This way we keep energy levels high and our perspective fresh. With a temporary Umlaut professional, you create more time, depth and room for growth.

In the struggle for attention from the right audience, the playing field of Marketing Communication and PR has grown in size and complexity. Due to everyday issues, lack of time or limited expertise, sometimes opportunities remain unused and the long-term objectives drift out of sight. We can do better.

By connecting the dots, we take Communication to a higher level

The Umlaut Collective offers a rich mix of creatives for content creation and rolling out campaigns. When required we manage these projects from A to Z.

Nowadays a lot of content is being created. From campaign films, online platforms, branded content to infographics and social content. Expressions, each with their own story, fitting within the Marketing (Communication) strategy. Managing this properly with the right agencies and creative parties, within the set timings and budget, is an intricate matter.

Umlaut Collective consists of game changers within the creative industry, including developers, audio / visual designers, social media experts, creative teams, copywriters and event managers. Operating independently or as lean and mean creative agencies. All with the same passion for their craft and the drive to make the best work.

The reason why

Umlaut wants to bring out the best in people. We believe that sharing leads to growth. We think it is important to keep moving in the market. With more and more freelancers, it requires more flexibility, with the challenge of maintaining quality and control.

Umlaut facilitates a hybrid solution for both clients and professionals. For each challenge, we re-think and compose the best route and team. Ensuring everyone is empowered to connect, change and consolidate.

Join the club

Umlaut consists of a top-notch network of Marketing Communication and PR professionals with 10+ years of experience, all with that little bit of ‘extra’.

As a freelancer, freedom is a major asset and probably your most important driver. Still, it’s nice to be part of a like-minded group of people. Professionals who find each other for brainstorming and inspiration, but also share in practical matters such as tools and, preferably, great gigs. This is what makes Umlaut unique. We organize various meet-ups with interesting themes and speakers from the ‘industry’. This way we get the best out of ourselves.

We work with a handpicked network of pros, all with proven success on both the in-house and agency side. Seniors with extensive knowledge through a wide variety of assignments and clients.

Are you a professional who can see beyond the boundaries of our industry? Then get in touch with Denise Cremers: denise@umlaut.amsterdam


We work for brands, people, start-ups and (N)GO’s in the Netherlands and abroad.
Umlaut works from Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Antwerp.


“We are looking for a partner that can set up our PR department and in the meantime keep things going. Someone that’s hands-on but also keeps an eye on the bigger picture. Currently, we communicate ad hoc or not at all. So, as a growing start-up, it feels like we’re missing out.”

“When rolling out my brand campaign I need a partner that can act as a spider in the web between all (creative) parties. From briefing to execution."

“We have three peak moments a year at which we’re seriously understaffed. An expert who does not only help with specific current projects but also knows where our strategic focus lies is a valuable extra force at those times.”

“When it comes to PR and communication we need someone that can see beyond our issues of the day. Nowadays optimization through  the right coaching and training is a necessity for our growth process."